Rider University – Bart Ludeke Dining Hall

Rider University Bart Ludeke
Rider University Bart Ludeke
Rider University Bart Ludeke

Project Specifications


Rider University  


Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates Architects 

Delivery Type 

Competitive Bid - Stipulated Sum - General Construction 

This project consisted of the complete “front of the house and back of the house” renovation and alterations to Rider University’s three Dining Centers simultaneously. The critical aspect of this project was that until such time as the work was complete and Rider could re-occupy the areas and the food service facilities, the University had to rely upon outsourcing catering facilities and alternative meals for the school community during the summer months while the campus was active and used by a variety of students, faculty, administrators and camps.
The resulting work created state-of-the-art facilities at both campuses (three locations), and provided students with unique dining experiences. Students are greeted with a full sensory experience as their meals are freshly prepared at a variety of demonstration cooking stations. In addition, expanded seating areas offer a variety of options, from quiet study spaces to large communal tables. The designers worked with Rider to tailor these projects to the university population, and we executed the work that created areas for both retail and board operations, and separate areas for faculty dining at each location.