Better Decisions and Designs, More Accurate Budgets, and Superior Scheduling

Known by various names, BIM & VDC tools are the latest advancements to simulate the design, construction and operation of a facility. Visualization of the virtual project leads to improved decision making and more efficient and sustainable designs, greater accuracy in budgeting and estimating, and superior coordination and scheduling.

As the design progresses, data is continually layered into the model by the collaborative team of designers, consultants and design assisting contractors, creating a combined virtual model of the project. Design coordination is conducted virtually, with each update improving the level of understanding among the project team and all stakeholders. Conflict identification and resolution is routinely performed at key stages of the design process to avoid costly delays during construction.

The models developed through this process are data-rich digital representations of the facility. These models allow the entire project team and project stakeholders to extract and analyze information for more informed decisions and improved processes for designing, constructing and planning a project.

The BIM & VDC effort is further leveraged during the construction phase of a project. This leverage begins with the submittal and shop drawing phases, resulting in an enhanced and expedited process and allowing for better coordination and understanding of the systems, requirements and constraints.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Later in the Construction Phase, the benefits of BIM and VDC are realized through maximized efficiency during construction, reduced waste and increased productivity through workflow sequencing and coordination.

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