Expert, Day-to-Day Oversight and Seasoned Leadership

We believe that a key part of our role is to help our clients succeed as stewards of their organizations’ resources. To do so, our approach to Construction Phase Services includes the following processes:

  • Project Management — We provide innovative solutions to the management of the construction process and more importantly, the overall project, to achieve project goals.
  • Negotiations & Award — We improve outcomes for the client by handling negotiations with the various contractors and vendors, issuing Purchase Orders and Subcontracts, and ensuring contractors’ faithful performance of the work.
  • Value Engineering — To ensure our clients are aware of every possible option, we conduct ongoing cost/benefit analyses of alternative materials and processes suggested by contractors or vendors to determine their viability for the project.
  • Shop Drawing/Submittal Process — Expedited submittal and shop drawing process for final review of materials and equipment to ensure quality control, compliance with project requirements, and also allow for final adjustments.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) — By leveraging the BIM effort completed during the Pre-Construction Phase, we maximize efficiency during construction, reduce waste, and increase productivity through workflow sequencing and coordination.
  • Integrated Project Design (IPD) — Taking an IPD approach to schedule optimization, efficiency, communication, and construction ensures that the benefits of Design Assist, collaborative innovation, and decision making from the Pre-Construction Phase are realized in the Construction Phase.
  • Quality Control — In addition to regular inspections and the coordination of the required Building Code and authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) inspections, we work with the Project Team to determine and perform the verification and testing needed to ensure compliance with project specifications and goals.
  • Safety — A customized safety plan is developed and communicated to the project participants. The plan is implemented, monitored, and enforced throughout construction, utilizing safety orientation, safety inspections, and audits.
  • Sustainability — We carry out the plan developed during Pre-Construction and ensure that the client’s needs regarding sustainability are met by conducting rigorous monitoring, management, and documentation, as well as adhering to relevant policy, procedures, and methods.
  • Contract Administration — To ensure smooth operations throughout the construction phase, we conduct regular on-site project conferences where we review and update all involved on the project status.
  • Cost Control — We protect the client’s interests by conducting ongoing monitoring of budgeted, committed, and incurred costs against the overall project budget, and identify, problem-solve, and reduce any cost variances.
  • Commissioning/Startup & Close-Out — To provide a successful conclusion to each project, we work closely with the design professionals and testing personnel. Our key deliverables include start-up/closeout documentation and detailed commissioning services to meet the project requirements.

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