Building Places of Worship and Culture that Endure

Traditional places of worship and cultural interest are being replaced by the creation of new designs and structures, and by the renovation of buildings that previously had very different uses. Some things never go out of style, however — such as cost-effective, quality construction, attention to detail, and a focus on quality. These values have remained a tradition for three generations at V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc.

Whether a building is topped with a white painted steeple, a brick spire, or an array of solar panels, many places of worship and cultural interest have already been transformed — but many others still need to be. Of course, many of these structures still serve their original purpose, even as they have grown and changed to accommodate a great many other purposes and uses. For example, such facilities now often include spaces for community events, education, social events, offices, childcare centers, cafés, bookstores and more.

If your plans include the construction of a new facility or an addition, or the repurposing of an existing facility, we can provide the leadership and guidance needed to develop your building plan and ensure its flawless execution. We will guide you along each critical step in a comprehensive project plan that incorporates project programming, appropriate design, cost effective construction and systems, value engineering and constructability.

We understand that places of worship and arts are buildings with very specialized needs and must reflect the organization’s appropriate stewardship of funds. We have the experience of working through the various funding alternatives for these buildings from fund raising campaigns and unique financing arrangements to planning for possible future expansions. Our perspective is that the building is a structure that belongs to our client for life — a reality that often calls for the kind of far-thinking planning and attention to detail for which we have earned a reputation

To learn more about our construction experience in places of worship and cultural interest, please contact us.