Building Structures as Advanced as their Occupants

Healthcare and scientific facilities continue to be on the leading edge of new processes and technology; in fact, these types of facilities are among the largest investors in new and updated facilities today. Whether these facilities are sponsored by academic institutions, private organizations or healthcare providers, two of their highest priorities are often quite similar: to identify costs early on in a project, and to develop a firm timeline for bringing the new facility on-line.

We understand that these facilities have specialized building codes and purposes, but also must cater to the disparate needs of their users, stakeholders, and visitors. Our goal is to provide essential pre-construction services that enhance the project team by providing useful actionable information in the early stages of development. Our efforts prove their value to our clients by controlling costs and building constructability into their projects. For more information on the benefits of our early involvement, please click here.

For more information on the wide range of science, healthcare and specialized facilities that we have built, pleaseĀ contact us.