A Strategic Investment in Project Success

Pre-Construction Services are the best practices for ensuring a successful project. A collaborative approach by the project team, our process encompasses evaluation, reporting, and review to ensure that a project’s program, budget, schedule, and design are well planned, realistic, and effective.

Our clients find that this analysis and comprehensive review is one of the most advantageous aspects of our involvement in the early stages of a project, as it allows for the greatest impact on a project. The information obtained through this process allows our clients to make informed decisions by carefully considering the impact that their selections will have on the life-cycle cost of a project and its schedule.

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Specific services we provide include:

  • Analysis & Recommendations/Constructability Reviews — We maximize the client’s resources and options by providing input on alternative solutions and their impact on budget and schedule.
  • Scheduling — We use Oracle’s Primavera, the industry-leading scheduling software, to efficiently coordinate and communicate regarding both specific activities and the overall project.
  • Management of Design — We can coordinate and manage the design process to ensure integration with the overall project schedule and budget.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) — Coordination and implementation of intelligent building models into the design, estimating, construction, and occupancy of the project to maximize the achievement of overall project goals.
  • Integrated Project Design (IPD) — We work collaboratively with the cross-functional project team to assist with the design, reduce waste, optimize efficiency, and ensure the project’s program requirements and strategic priorities are achieved.
  • Local Planning, Construction Authorities & Markets — To facilitate a smooth running project, we rely on close working relationships with the various municipal officials and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) in planning, zoning, engineering, and construction throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.
  • Construction Cost Estimating — We adhere to a detailed, reliable process that ensures the review of all relevant deliverables, documents, current material pricing, and hard bids from qualified contractors and vendors.
  • Value Engineering — We utilize a formal, disciplined approach that examines alternative ways to balance the project’s required functions and its life-cycle cost, saving the client money while increasing value, quality, and client satisfaction.
  • Safety — We control risks for the client, the construction workers, and the public through the review, planning, and preparation for a safe work site, including the review of a facility’s emergency management plans and protocol with the project requirements.
  • Sustainability — Appropriate choices in materials, methodologies, and design, along with engineering practices that improve a project’s performance, decrease its environmental impact, and minimize waste.
  • Bidding & Procurement — We protect the client’s interests by maximizing competition among responsive and prequalified contractors and vendors. We identify the long lead items associated with your project and develop an early release and procure plan to coordinate with the project schedule.
  • Regular Project Conferences — Regular collaborative sessions to strengthen team cohesion, address issues quickly, and ensure that each team member is comprehensively addressing responsibilities and meeting milestones.

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