Maximizing the Potential of Existing Structures

V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. has a history of maximizing the potential of existing structures, whether through adaptive reuse or preservation. Our experience includes work in preserving nationally-listed historic structures, as well as working with local historical societies to enable the reuse of buildings as a significantly sustainable alternative to new construction.

Adaptive reuse is a building alternative well suited for a client with a building need constrained by timing, budget, or geographical limitations. The repositioning of an existing structure can provide state-of-the-art facilities in accordance with a client’s requirements and priorities. Often these projects can address a client’s needs, but also provide significant long-term benefits that new construction may not.

A successful preservation project can vary based upon a client’s passion and program requirements for their project. On some projects, a complete historic restoration is required while on others, modern systems must be incorporated. But in almost all cases, cost-effective solutions are required to maximize the value of the client’s historic property. Through our detailed approach to planning and implementing, we manage reuse and preservation projects to meet our client’s specific goals.

We invite you to explore some of the recent reuse and preservation projects we have completed. For more information, please contact us.