The key to safety in construction is to develop a culture of Safety that is founded on health and safety issues that are well planned, well organized, well monitored, and modified to address the changes and conditions as they exist in the construction industry.

Everyone involved in a construction project, no matter how large or small, is in some way responsible for safety. This applies to the construction companies, the workers, and vendors. Each and every one ensuing that the work is not going to put anyone at risk of injury. In order to do this everyone must be committed to a safe work environment. A safe work environment is developed by clear communication and the unrestricted flow of information between the parties, this includes the client, the designers, the documents, the contractors, the workers, the vendors and the public and other stakeholders.

“A craftsman is known by his tools and a contractor by his operations” V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. policy states that management considers no phase of operations or administration of greater importance than accident prevention. Accidents which result in personal injury and damage to property or equipment represent preventable and needless waste and loss. Therefore, it is the policy of V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. to conduct all operations safely, thereby preventing injuries to people and damage to property. We strive to create a safe and productive worksite for all those involved on our projects.

We accomplish this not just through written policies but through training, in fact most of our field personnel have training that exceeds OSHA’s minimum standards, as well as orientations, inspections, audits, and monitoring of work place activities.