“The commitment and professionalism that the VJS team demonstrated during this project was remarkable. …Your team’s response to obstacles was nothing short of heroic – the meticulous project planning, hands-on management approach and an effective procurement methodology helped us alleviate issues that we collectively faced.”

“To me, the biggest factor in this success boils down to collaboration. The strength of your team …”

“Effective management, governance and accountability from your side enabled us to achieve substantial completion on the project a few days ahead of schedule – an extraordinary feat in face of monumental challenges.”

Sanjeev Puri, Assistant Head, Finance and Operations

Peddie School 


“Our greatest recommendation is that we continue to use V.J. Scozzari and Sons as a General Contractor time and time again.”

“….your responsiveness and accessibility and especially, keeping our budget and schedule as a priority. V.J. Scozzari and Sons can be relied upon to help solve issues as they arise.”

Tracee Battis, Executive Director

Project Freedom, Inc.


“Scozzari is without question the best contractor with who I have had the pleasure to work. To construct such a high quality building on time and under budget during the pandemic, clearly is exceptional. Only a commitment to outstanding planning and the customer would have made this possible.”

“Scozzari was not only up to the task, but performed to all members of the campus community beyond expections.”

Ronald Tola, Director of Major Projects

Princeton Day School


“The spaces are beautiful and will serve us well for many years. Thank you to our good partners at Scozzari for another productive summer….”

Paul Stellato, Head of School

Princeton Day School


“Bert Decowski did an amazing job. He clearly understood the scope of work. Our urgency to complete ahead of schedule if not before.”

Vanessa Riscica-Alfano, Project Manager

Essential Properties Realty Trust, Inc.



“…In my 45 years in the construction business, during which time I was responsible for over $900 million in projects, I can honestly say that your performance ranks in the top 5…

To complete a high-tech project like this with such high quality on time in 9 weeks and on budget is truly a remarkable feat…”

Ronald Tola, Director of Major Projects (and now a VJ Scozzari fan)

Princeton Day School


“I want you to know that building the Lawrenceville Math Building with you was one of the most pleasant construction experiences I’ve had in my long career.

The job was extremely well managed from the very beginning in terms of the estimating, and the value engineering and later with the execution of not only the construction but the prompt completion of the punch list.

…Having had projects that it has taken almost a year to get the punch lists finished, perhaps the most gratifying part of the experience of working with you was the fact that you wrapped up the punch list for the school in less than two weeks.  Part of that was because you built the job with quality and correctly followed our drawings but, part of it was your basic attitude about service to the client.”

Robert Hillier, DHL, FAIA, Principal

Studiohillier Architecture


“We have felt that V.J. Scozzari has done an excellent job and would highly recommend.”

Dan Reiss, Senior Vice President & General Counsel



“…VJS’s commitment to success and attention to detail was evident during all phases of construction including schedule, communication, quality control and administration.”

Bernd Ulmer, Facility, Development Manager

TRUMPF Photonics, Inc.


“The entire job, from planning to completion and close out, was done efficiently, quickly and was of superior quality and workmanship.  Your interest in doing the job right was noticed and appreciated, and you always had the University’s best interests in mind.

The performance of your entire team, including the project engineer and superintendent, Bert Decowski, along with you support staff was exceptional.  This is definitely a credit to your organization.”

Donald Harnum, Director of Athletics

Rider University


“I was impressed with the high degree of detail that your team presented at every job meeting. After over 30 years of working with one general contractor, I was particularly surprised at how smooth and efficient the project progressed. I realize you have an extremely competent and efficient back office staff, but your field staff was one of the best I have had the pleasure of working with.”

William G. Hyncik, Jr. CEO

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.


“As I prepare to leave Lawrenceville at the end of this school year, I just want to write to thank you for the excellent work you have done for Lawrenceville over the past 12 years.

Given the scope of renovations and construction that we have taken in recent years, it has been reassuring to have you as the general contractor on so many of our projects, because you have consistently brought each project in on budget, on time and at a high level of quality. I’m particularly pleased that many of the projects have earned LEED certifications, since as you know, we have a strong institutional commitment to sustainability.”

Elizabeth A. Duffy, Head Master

The Lawrenceville School


“… please accept this correspondence as our resounding endorsement of V.J. Scozzari and Sons for their exemplary work as Construction Managers on the renovation and repurposing of a former warehouse facility creating the Seward Johnson Center for the Arts at Grounds for Sculpture.”

“The project took place in several phases over a three year period … Priorities evolved throughout the long design, pre-construction and value engineering phases and the Scozzari team navigated the relationships and the changing priorities with skill.”

Michael Unger, Chief Administrative Officer

The Atlantic Foundation


“… To you and all the good people at Scozzari, please accept our genuine appreciation for helping to make this happen. On time and on budget, it just doesn’t get any better in construction.”

Richard D. Johnson, Headmaster

Chapin School


“… Mike Ehret, the project manager from Scozzari’s office, and Greg Scozzari himself were always available and very helpful, and I can’t say enough about the superintendent, Bert Decowski, who often solved our problems before we saw them.”

“We were very pleased with their work, their responsiveness, and their attention to detail. The project met our expectations in every way and we’re looking forward to working with them on another project at Grounds for Sculpture.”

Brian Carey

AC/BC Associates


I have had the pleasure of working with V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc., since 2000 when Project Freedom first retained them to build our complex in Hamilton Township. In the past 14 years they have constructed nearly 175 apartments for Project Freedom; …”

“…They are professional, caring, and intuitively understand our unique housing from a construction point of view.”

Norman Smith, Associate Executive Director

Project Freedom, Inc.


“…It is obvious to me that you have a committed team of professionals who truly care about their customers and the quality of work that is delivered to every project. And that certainly was the case on “Freedom Village”.”

Tim Doherty, Executive Director

Project Freedom, Inc.


“…I worked closely with the construction team while the school was being built, and I truly enjoyed the experience. The Scozzari employees were always professional and helpful to us during construction. Follow-up on issues that we experienced during and after our move into the facility was very prompt and helpful.

Carol Markowitz, M.A., M.Ed., Chief Operating Officer

Eden Autism Services


“…You led a team that exceeded our expectations at every phase of the project. During the pre-construction and estimating phases, your management team helped us steer through the multiple options and owner requests to deliver a project that was both on budget and the best solution for the school. When there was an issue to resolve, your team did not simply deliver the hard costs, but they actively worked with us to fid intelligent and cost effective solutions for the client.”

“During construction Ed Roche (superintendent) and project manager were a formidable team with whom we relied on when difficult issues arose.”

“Thank you also for your personal commitment to the project. Your regular visits to the site and steady leadership are appreciated.”

Wolfram Arendt, AIA, LEED BD+C, Senior Associate

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


“…From pre-construction activities through completion of the punch lists, V.J. Scozzari performed their duties in an effective and professional manner. They worked extremely well with the architects and maintained an efficient control over the project schedules and budgets. They were able to accomplish this by effectively selecting and managing a group of trade contractors. The Scozzari team, made up of project manager and Ed Roche as superintendent worked long and diligently to ensure the successful completion of the project.”

Kevin S. Lysick, Senior Project Manager

The Lawrenceville School


“…I have learned a tremendous amount related to construction and planning; however, I think my biggest benefit was gained by observing your professionalism. This radiates throughout your company and is a real rarity in business today.”

C. Keith Pericoloso, Executive Vice President

Roma Bank


“I want to thank you for the excellent job you and your firm did for us this summer. Our decision to renovate all three of our dining facilities at the same time put a lot of pressure on all of us to perform.”

“…However, under this condition, V.J. Scozzari shined. Your willingness to work with both the university and the design team was exceptional.” “…You were always up front and fair. An attribute that is not prevalent in the construction industry.”

“…You completed the project on time under difficult circumstances. The quality of the project is unmatched. The entire Rider community appreciates your efforts.”

James E. Zaleski, P.E., Assistant Vice President – Facilities Management, Planning & Construction

Rider University


 “…I want to extend our thanks to you and your project team for your prompt response, attention to detail, and professional conduct in the completion of the first phase of work at 693 Alexander Road.”

“Mr. Greg Scozzari, Project Manager, and Mr. Ed Roche (Superintendent) each were exceptional in communicating needs, suggestions, and progress.”

John Ziegler, AIA, Director – Off Campus Development

Princeton University


“…We experienced some challenges based on our facility conditions that could have slowed down the project, but Bert Decowski and the whole Scozzari team kept the project on track with their practical solutions and good communication.” “…Your careful selection of subcontracts and strong teamwork and coordination both with my staff and the subcontractors really contributed to the success of this project.”

Julie A. Karns, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Rider University


 “The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the excellent job done by your firm and your sub-contractors in the construction of our new headquarters …” “Your firm’s commitment and guidance during the entire project was of great assistance to us.”

“In particular we would like to recognize the work done by Mr. Richard A. Alito, Vice President of Construction and Project Superintendent. Their tireless efforts were much appreciated.”

Peter A. Inverso, President and CEO

Maurice T. Perilli, Chairman and Executive Vice President

Roma Bank


 “It is with great pleasure that I write to you regarding the outstanding performance of your firm in the construction of our affordable housing complex in Lawrence. All of your employees performed in a very professional manner, and we were extremely pleased with our project manager, Ed Roche.”

“I want to also thank you and Greg for your personal attention to our project.”

Tim Doherty, Executive Director

Project Freedom, Inc.


 “…Given the complexities of the renovation, the impossibly short time frame and the tight budget, what was accomplished was indeed remarkable. We have come to rely on your high craftsmanship, your vigorous service approach, and your commitment to bringing projects in on budget.” “…Greg’s personal attention and Bert’s calm and effective stewardship of all our projects have been much appreciated by all of us.”

Christina B. Petruska, Vice President for Institutional Planning

Rider University


 “…Having dealt with construction projects in the Diocese for almost 50 years, I can honestly state that your company is one of the most trustworthy, reliable, and competent I have dealt with. It is truly a pleasure to work with your people.”

Rev. Msgr. William F. Fitzgerald

The Catholic Diocese of Trenton


“When we initially chose V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. as our general contractor to build a major expansion at our facility, we had no idea that we would be establishing a lifelong relationship with them…”

“V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. continually met critical project deadlines as well as offering technical resolutions when needed. We are quite pleased with their performance and are simply overwhelmed by their superior skills within the realm of general construction and management.”

Michael A. Coiro, R., C.E.O.

Allentown Caging Equipment Co., Inc.


“…Your firm, along with the staff you assigned to the project, brought a sense of competency and professionalism to the work, which certainly made my job easier, and the quality of the project high.” “…Please express my appreciation for your firm’s involvement to Rich Alito ….”

Eugene F. O’Connor, AIA PP

O’Connor Gordon Architectural Group, LLP


“…In the past 8 years our district has undergone in excess of $60 million worth of construction additions and renovations. During this time I have had the experience of working with numerous Prime Contractors throughout the State. It is my professional opinion that V.J. Scozzari & Sons rank among the very best and I offer my highest recommendation.”

Jerry Tague, Director of Facilities

Monroe Township Schools


“… I placed a tremendous amount of trust in the advice and suggestions that V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. offered and I was not disappointed nor mislead once.”

“Your staff was professional and exhibited genuine concern for our project. Your solutions to our unique challenges were a quality that could not have been listed in any bid specifications.”

Cindy F. Shapiro, Business Manager

Princeton Day School


“Working with the LDS Church for approximately 30 years, we have a great deal of respect for our client in their demand for excellence, which far exceeds the standards of the construction industry. Scozzari and Sons has met every one of the expectations that both the LDS Church and our firm has demanded and has been an exemplary construction company with which to work.”

Gary Y. Kaplan, FAIA/NCATB

Kaplan Gaunt DeSantis Architects