Building the Structures on which Academic Traditions Grow

Institutions of higher education have unique relationships with their buildings. Their structures are critically important physical assets, but more importantly, they are the environments, and even the means, for fulfilling their missions. They are also home to succeeding generations of individuals who each develop close bonds with both their institution and its buildings.

But even such timeless environments occasionally need to have buildings added or renovated, and most institutions do not have the luxury of relocating all the current users of a building while construction is underway. We have earned a reputation for planning and executing our projects so as to minimize the impact on students, residents, faculty, and staff, even while construction proceeds at the fastest possible pace. We can build or renovate a wide variety of buildings required by higher education institutions, from specialized academic and athletic facilities to the most advanced research facilities. In addition, we can ensure that an institution’s buildings reflect the best practices in sustainability by making appropriate choices in construction materials, methodologies, and design.

We understand that higher education clients need buildings that not only meet the building codes, but also meet the university or campus standards and effectively reflect the institution’s appropriate stewardship of funds on behalf of its stakeholders. Our goal is to build a structure that belongs to our client for life — a reality that often calls for the kind of intelligent planning and attention to detail for which we have earned a reputation.

We invite you to explore some of the recent projects we have built for our clients in Higher Education. For more information, please contact us.