Multiple Capabilities, Built on a Foundation of Experience

At V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc., we offer some key differences that result in better outcomes for our clients.

First, our senior management team makes it a point to remain personally involved with each client and each project. This allows our clients to benefit from our team’s decades of experience overseeing a broad variety of complex construction and renovation projects.

Second, we hire the best professionals in the business, each of whom is extensively trained and certified. For example, all of the staff members involved on our construction projects — whether in the field, or in the office on our estimating or construction teams — are LEED accredited. Even for projects that are not being built to LEED requirements, this expertise results in more economical and responsible buildings and construction solutions.

Third, over our decades in business, we have developed our own reliable methodologies and processes, which are thoroughly embraced and consistently implemented by every team member. Naturally, we also utilize the most advanced and field-tested construction, estimating, and scheduling solutions.

Last but not least, as a merit shop, we can accommodate the needs of clients who require union subcontractors, as well as those who wish to work with open shop contractors. We strongly advocate for the best qualified and most responsible contractors and vendors. We work with some of the best in the business, and can quickly and thoroughly evaluate additional contractors and vendors as required to meet a client’s requirements.

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 Select Your Delivery Method

One of the most important choices an owner can make is the method of delivery for a project. To learn about the options we offer, click here.