Building Today for the Leaders of Tomorrow.

It is more essential than ever to enhance the education of our future leaders by providing the buildings and facilities with the qualities needed to meet a school’s program. Many of the programs and courses of Pre-K–12 schools are sophisticated and advanced, yet all too often, the facilities that are home to these programs have not managed to keep pace with advancements in education and related practices and technologies.

Having over 30 years’ worth of highly specific experience in constructing and renovating independent schools, we recognize the unique details involved in school construction, as well as the importance of a school and its campus in their larger communities. We also have developed a keen understanding of how to undertake minor and major construction projects on fully-functioning campuses and fully-occupied buildings, while minimizing the disruption and inconvenience to the entire learning environment.

We have earned a reputation for cost effective, sustainable, quality construction with experience from classrooms and science rooms to libraries and media centers, gymnasiums and athletic facilities. We succeed in part because we recognize the important role that these facilities play in nurturing the student’s mind, body and spirit in early education, as well as secondary school.

We invite you to explore some of the recent projects we have built for our clients of Independent PreK-12 and Secondary Schools. For more information, please contact us.