Cultech, Inc


Project Specifications


Cultech, Inc. 


Design-Build by V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. with KSS Architects 

Delivery Type 

Competitive Bid - Cost of the Work plus a Fee - Design Build 

Square Foot 


A new manufacturing facility for a worldwide producer of packaging for the cosmetic industry based in France. The work includes all required site improvements to the 13.6 acre site and the design and construction of a new 117,000sf facility consisting of 24,000sf of offices and 93,000sf of manufacturing, assembly and storage space. The facility and structure will be a structural steel with pre-cast concrete wall panels. The manufacturing and storage space will have critical temperature and humidity controls required by the printing and packaging industry. The office space will house the corporate offices for the United States division and will be suitably finished to accommodate the requirements of the production personnel, office personnel and corporate officers.