Pennington, NJ – April 1, 2015 V.J. SCOZZARI & SONS, INC. is proud to announce the successful completion of the firms training and certification of the G|PRO Construction Management program.

G|PRO is a comprehensive national training and certificate program that was launched in 2010 and was under development since 2008, with the goal being to focus training and development of those that actually build, renovate and maintain buildings with the principles of sustainability and construction techniques that will use resources more efficiently and make buildings healthier for occupants.

Vincent J. Scozzari, Jr. Executive Vice President explains that “The construction industry is moving ever more quickly toward greener, high-performing buildings, through the driving forces of the USGBC, the LEED ratings system, and environmental stewardship by individuals, small and large businesses, non-profits and government alike. In creating G|PRO Construction Management, the Urban Green Council, USGBC New York has developed a program that focuses specifically on the essential role the Construction Manager plays on sustainable construction projects. By participating in this program we enabled our already LEED® AP staff to leverage their knowledge and experience in sustainable construction and further our sustainability-focused construction management services for our clients projects.”

V.J. Scozzari & Sons, Inc. is a General Contracting, Construction Management, and Design/Build firm that has been meeting the needs of clients for more than three generations. They continue to adhere to the basic business values that have guided them from the very earliest days in business-attention to quality, honest and mutual beneficial client relationships, and a management philosophy that emphasizes treating clients, employees, and partners with respect and fairness.