Frank from Canine Companions

A Good Canine Citizen

Brienne Alfano

Frank at Petsmart Training

Just as important, as learning the commands necessary to become a future service dog with Canine Companions for Independence, is learning to be a good canine citizen.

Last month Frank had the privilege of supporting Special Olympics New Jersey’s Annual Jingle All the Way.  This year a total of 38 teams participated and raised over $54,000!  In addition, 397 pairs of pajamas were donated to Home Front to help our neighbors in need.


Frank also completed a six-week Puppy Training course with Petsmart and graduated a Good Canine Citizen.  Even though Frank already had a good understanding of the basic commands being taught in class, it provided an excellent distraction!  Frank had to learn to ignore the other puppies running around, and at times, even the trainer, and focus on his handler (me) and the commands he was being told.  This training course was the ground work for the bi-weekly puppy classes he attends with our local CCI Chapter.


Fielding aka Frank

Another aspect of being a good canine citizen is learning how to behave appropriately in different settings.  This includes everything from not eating or drinking unless told ‘ok’ and NEVER off the floor, to si

Frank in Training

tting and waiting at all doorways until told ‘let’s go’.








Frank at Play


Fortunately for Frank, it’s not just all work – at the end of the day he gets to run and jump and play and be a puppy!












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